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Vincennes Crest

Vincennes CrestShield:
The three divisions of the shield represent the three circumnavigations of the earth made by the first vessel to bear the name Vincennes; contain allusions to activities of these expeditions. The indented fess line represents the ice of the Antarctic continent which was discovered and named by Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, Captain of the Vincennes in 1840.

The Antarctic wastes and icebergs are alluded to by the white area in the center base which bears a lead line weight of the early 19th century period; referring to the new data in charts and cartography gathered by the surveys made during expeditions with the Vincennes as flagship. 
The silver fleur-de-lis refers to the French origin of the name Vincennes and the fort in Indiana after which the ship was named. The eight gold stars on a light blue border represent the Battle Stars awarded to CA-44 and CL-64 during World War II and refer again to the State of Indiana, whose flag bears gold stars on a blue field. The Navy is represented on the shield by dark blue and gold, colors usually associated with the Navy.

The embattled wall recalls the Fort Vincennes in Indiana. Its color, red, refers to battle. The three embattlements refer to the three earlier vessels to bear the name Vincennes. The compass rose represents global navigation and exploration. The shamrock is a reference to the new ship's distinction as the third of its class and recalls the botanical surveys of the first Vincennes. The guided missile and rifle represent new and old weaponry carried by the latest and first Vincennes. The blue disc is a reference to the Antarctic skies and the first Vincennes' explorations.